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Battlestar Hypatia

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Battlestar Hypatia

General Information
Name Hypatia
Named After Famous philosopher and mathematician Hypatia
Nationality Twelve Colonies of Kobol
Branch Colonial Fleet
Battlestar Group 42
Status Active
Commanding Officer Commander Aurore Graystone
Executive Officer Colonel Atticus Kendall jr.

Technical Information
Class and Type Nova Class Command Battlestar
Length 2,276m (8,123 ft)
Width 920m (3,020 ft)
Height 351m (1,153 ft)
Officers 1,200
Enlisted 2,200
Marines 600
FTL Yes (Olympus Class)
Defensive Systems Armour

Electronic Warfare Suite
Jump Point Detection System (JPDS)
Virtual Intelligence (V.I.) Defense System

Weapons 8 NAC-10 Primary Dual-Turret Kinetic Energy Weapons

84 NAC-5 Secondary Dual-Turret Kinetic Energy Weapons
Conventional and Nuclear Missiles
Point-Defense Turrets

Flight Pods 2 (Dual-Layered)
Launch Tubes 200
Vipers 480 Viper Mk. VII
Raptors 30 Raptors

1 Stealth Raptor

The Battlestar Hypatia is a Nova Class Command Battlestar, the flagship of Battlestar Group 42 and de facto the Colonial Fleet, the Hypatia and her crew are charged with the defence of the remnants of humanity as they navigate their way out of the Colonies and towards safety.

Despite initial damage taken in the attack, the Hypatia is currently back at peak operating efficiency. Designed for longterm engagements behind enemy lines, the ship has been equipped with extensive storage and manufacturing facilities to be capable of replacing almost every part and vehicle it needs.


Before the Fall

Operation: Erebus

While the armistice explicitly prohibited Colonial vessels from entering Cylon territory, the long period of silence and complete lack of intelligence had left Colonial Fleet Headquarters concerned that the Cylons might be planning a military offensive against the Colonies. In addition to regular patrols along the Colonial-Cylon border, the Hypatia was provided with a new and very advanced Stealth Raptor that could go undetected by DRADIS. The goal was for the Raptor to make several jumps deep into Cylon space so they could gather extensive information on the capabilities of Cylon forces as well as if there were any preparations for a major military operation.

The operation went smoothly until the final day of the deployment. As the Stealth Raptor returned later than it was supposed to, it was pursued by fifteen Cylon Basestars. These Basestars immediately opened fire against the Hypatia as well as the two other ships in the Group. Unable to hold off the attacking force too long, the Stealth Raptor was ordered back as soon as possible while it would be protected by Colonial Vipers and the ships' main weaponry. As soon as the Stealth Raptor was back an emergency jump to friendlier space was ordered.


The largest class in the Colonial Fleet and the most recent design to enter service, the Battlestar Hypatia has a wide range of capabilities. Offensively it is equipped with a significant number of primary and secondary cannons, while it also carries conventional and nuclear missiles.

Jump Point Detection System

The Jump Point Detection System (JPDS) is a major innovation in Colonial technology. When any ship uses faster than light technology to transport instantly from one location to another, there is a small but noticeable build-up of energy at the destination a few seconds before arrival. The JPDS uses highly sensitive and precise sensors to detect this energy build-up and provide Fire Control with valuable extra time to target and identify the ship jumping in.

Electronic Warfare Suite

Knowing the sensitivies of Cylon technology to certain forms of radiation, Colonial research and development has developed several systems that can be used to negate their systems. A number of these systems have been installed on the Hypatia as part of its Electronic Warfare Suite. Especially capable are the electromagnetic wave field and electromagnetic pulse weapons.

The electromagnetic wave field (EMWF) project electromagnetic radiation around the Hypatia. This radiation can do significant damage to unprotected and lightly protected electronics. The primary use of this system is against enemy missiles, the field is not strong enough to damage fighters but it can interfere with their DRADIS systems and prevent target locks.

The electromagnetic pulse weapons allow the Hypatia to project a highly targeted and concentrated dose of intense electromagnetic radiation. The radiation is strong enough to disable missiles, fighters and even smaller ships in their tracks but cannot hold out against enemy capital ships. Due to the need to target it, it is also subject to being overwhelmed by larger numbers which is why Vipers remain essential in protecting the ship in battle.

Virtual Intelligence Defense System

The Virtual Intelligence Defense System (VIDS) is a highly advanced computer that through machine learning can take data from the current and previous battles to improve performance of other defensive systems and even weapons systems. While the processing power required for this is immense, various safeguards have been installed so the computer can never reach a level where it can be considered sentient. Despite these safeguard, by order of Commander Graystone the VIDS has been disabled until it can be conclusively proven that the Cylons cannot take advantage of the system in their attacks.