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S1E1: Returning Home

Following the events of Prelude to War, the Hypatia rushes back to the Twelve Colonies to secure the continued existence of the remnants of humanity. Constantly being hunted by the Cylons, the Fleet's situation becomes increasingly dire while enemies from within seek to fracture the delicate division of powers.

Battlestar Hypatia

The Battlestar Hypatia is a Nova Class Command Battlestar, the flagship of Battlestar Group 42 and de facto the Colonial Fleet, the Hypatia and her crew are charged with the defence of the remnants of humanity as they navigate their way out of the Colonies and towards safety.

Despite initial damage taken in the attack, the Hypatia is currently back at peak operating efficiency. Designed for longterm engagements behind enemy lines, the ship has been equipped with extensive storage and manufacturing facilities to be capable of replacing almost every part and vehicle it needs.

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