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Aurore Graystone

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Aurore Graystone
Aurore Graystone

Commanding Officer of the Battlestar Hypatia
Assumed position 
Former Position Executive Officer

Wars participated in
Fall of the Twelve Colonies

Hypatian Campaign

Born 32 BCH
Caprica City, Caprica
Nationality Colonial (Caprican)
Spouse Theseus Corinth (Divorced)
Branch Colonial Fleet
Rank Commander
Rank Commander.png

Aurore Graystone is the Commanding Officer of the Battlestar Hypatia, following the death of its previous Commanding Officer in the Cylon attack. Before assuming this role she served as the Executive Officer on the same ship.


Aurore is a kind and openminded soul who considers loyalty and duty among the highest virtues. She believes in structure and rigid orders, but feels that there needs to be place for humanity and mercy as well. This is reflected in her command style which can generally be described as strict but fair and humane.

In her personal life she can easily get along with other people but for someone to truly become her friend a lot of time is needed. This is mostly the result of trust issues due to her family history as well as a traumatic event experienced in early adulthood. However once someone becomes her friend, they have a friend for life.


Before the Fall

Born into the long line of wealthy industrialists that the Graystone line had become known for, Aurore's life was seemingly set up for greatness. As the eldest child she would eventually inherit her family's company and until she got there all doors would be open to her. Following the First Cylon War the Graystones had taken significant effort for their role in bringing about the rebellion in the first place to leave the publisc consciousness. No Graystone had stood trial for their role in either creating the Cylons or failing to prevent them from gaining the sentience to rebel. However like the public, the family took great effort to keep this hidden from their own members as well. As such Aurore grew up not realizing just how dark some of the pages in their shared history were. From a very young age Aurore displayed a high level of learning potential and pattern recognition as well as leadership potential. Skills that would serve both a military commander and a business leader highly.

In an effort to make her more familiar with the family business and introduce her to the company, once Aurore was 15 years old her father would begin taking her with him to the office so she could sit in on meeting and watch him work. Aurore absolutely loved this as she adored her father and almost saw him as a God. The power he wielded and the respect he got from everyone, and by extension even she received. It was intoxicating. Her opinion on her father and the family would change forever when while working on a school project she accidentally got into the secret archives of the company library. Here she saw all that her father and grandfather had tried to keep hidden. The initial research, the fact that the very first Cylon model had in fact had a real human consciousness within it and later investigations that revealed there had been evidence prior to the rebellion indicating Cylons were capable of advanced thought. Sick to her stomach Aurore left the Graystone Industries headquarters and ran away from home. She wanted nothing to do with her family. Only after tracking her down and extensive convincing by her mother did Aurore finally agree to return home, but her goals of taking over the family business were permanently gone. Instead she shifted her goals to another major institution within the Twelve Colonies. The Colonial Military. The final three years of her regular education she would focus on those courses relevant to the Colonial Fleet Academy rather than the business ones she had focused on before.

After graduating at age 18 she immediately signed up and was accepted to the Colonial Fleet Academy. Where society had mostly forgotten their history, the Colonial Military had a much better memory. From day 1 instructors made it their goal to bully her into resigning. Some did it due to the Graystone history, others because they felt an aristocrat's daughter was too weak for the fleet and some even sought personal defence. Such was it that two years into the Academy one particular instructor who had fought in the First Cylon War wanted to make her feel pain for what he had endured. One night after training he and a group of Cadets had abducted her and spent the night assaulting her outside Academy grounds. Discovered the next day by MPs patrolling the permiter she was taken to the infirmary. While the men responsible were arrested, Aurore still was left completely broken and unsure if and how she would return to the training program. It was only when one of her other instructors, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Danvers, visited her in the infirmary. He convinced her to not let those that had victimized her win and to keep fighting for her place in the Colonial Fleet.

With a new resolve after recovering, Aurore returned to the program and continued the final one and a half year at which point she graduated formally as an Officer in the Colonial Fleet. Having developed a love for spaceflight, she soon signed up for Basic and Advanced Flight School to train to become a Viper pilot. After being approved there the next two years went markedly easier. Now being an Officer, instructors seemed to look less at her name. She had after all earned the uniform. Following Flight School she was first assigned to the Battlestar Valkyrie as a pilot, she soon found herself among the top of the rankings within the Viper Wing and received high praise from her direct superiors. As a result of her performance she was promoted to Lieutenant after a year. A year later, following the promotion of her Squadron Leader she was appointed as his replacement and given another promotion to the rank of Captain.

While she enjoyed being on the Valkyrie, after a year of serving as Squadron Leader she was approached by now Commander Michael Danvers who had been transferred to a new class of Battlestar and he wanted her as his CAG. While some would consider her young for the position, Danvers had gained enough goodwill within Fleet Headquarters to get permission for her transfer. After serving as CAG for two years she was promoted to Executive Officer at the rank of Colonel and transferred to the CIC. Due to the nature of their highly classified mission and the compartmentalization of relevant intelligence she was given a final promotion to Commander prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies so she could be read in on all important information.

After the Fall

During the attacks on the Twelve Colonies, the Hypatia was still on the border of Cylon territory as part of its reconnaissance mission. When the Commanding Officer, Admiral Michael Danvers, died in a terrorist attack prior to the Cylon attacks against the Battlestar Group, Aurore assumed command of the Hypatia and ordered it and the larger Group to jump away to safety.

Service Record

Start End Post Position Rank
14 BCH 10 BCH Colonial Fleet Academy Cadet
10 BCH 8 BCH Basic and Advanced Flight School Ensign
8 BCH 4 BCH Battlestar Valkyrie Pilot Lieutenant JG
4 BCH 3 BCH Battlestar Valkyrie Squadron Leader Captain
3 BCH 1 BCH Battlestar Hypatia Commander, Air Group Major
1 BCH 6 months BCH Battlestar Hypatia Executive Officer Colonel
0 ACH Battlestar Hypatia Commanding Officer Commander